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nursing test banksrisk-free-icon-24407407images

nursing test banksrisk-free-icon-24407407images

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Sample Provided Below:

1. During the interview process, the nurse obtains what type of data from the patient?
A) Primary B) Secondary C) Objective D) Oral

2. The nurse is admitting a new patient to the unit. While reviewing old records of this patient, the nurse knows that the data being gathered are what kind of data?
A) Primary B) Secondary C) Subjective D) Objective

3. The nursing instructor is discussing with students different types of health histories. A student asks when it would be appropriate to take a comprehensive health history. What would be the instructor’s best answer? (Select all that apply.)
A) During a hospital admission
B) At a clinic visit for a fall
C) In the emergency department after a car accident
D) During an annual physical examination
E) At a screening for sports participation

4. Student nurses are practicing taking comprehensive health histories from one another. What components should be included in a comprehensive health history? (Select all that apply.)
A) When coughing began
B) Pain location
C) Pain duration
D) Pain intensity
E) What was eaten for breakfast

5. The nurse is gathering a complete history of the patient’s present illness. The nurse knows that the most appropriate way to begin to gather this information is what?
A) Assessing the patient’s vital signs
B) Gathering a complete list of the patient’s medications
C) Asking open-ended questions
D) Asking focused questions

6. A clinical instructor is discussing with a clinical group how to take a history of the patient’s present illness. A student asks how to best guide the interview. What would be the instructor’s most appropriate answer?
A) Follow the cues of the patient during the interview
B) Use a written checklist to make sure you cover all necessary areas
C) Use a head-to-toe approach to make sure you do not miss anything
D) Use a focused approach, asking only about symptoms of the present illness

7. A genogram is developed to visually show what?
A) Family tree C) Family relationships
B) Family health patterns D) Nationalities of family members

8. A group of student nurses is presenting information on Gordon’s framework for assessing a patient. What type of assessment would they be talking about?
A) Comprehensive B) Focused C) Functional D) Emergency

9. When using Gordon’s framework for a functional health assessment, the nurse asks a patient, “Have you made any changes in your environment because of vision, hearing, or memory decrease?” What functional health pattern is the nurse assessing?
A) Vision B) Hearing C) Coping D) Cognition

10. The nurse is caring for a 77-year-old woman who has been admitted with a fractured hip. While doing the admission assessment, the patient states, “I tripped over the small rug we have in front of the sink.” What subject would this report indicate that needs teaching during this patient’s hospital stay?
A) The need to eliminate rugs on the patient’s floors
B) The need to have wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the patient’s house
C) The need for the patient to use a walker when she goes into the kitchen
D) The need for the patient to be in a wheelchair

Chapter 3 a few questions we removed the answers in this sample

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