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Sample Provided Below:
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The color of a person’s hair is an example of which of the following?
A) Genome
B) Sex-link inheritance
C) Genotype
D) Phenotype

2. Which of the following places a couple at higher risk for conceiving a child with a genetic abnormality? Select all that apply.
A) Maternal age over 35 years
B) Partner who has a genetic disorder
C) Maternal type 1 diabetes
D) Paternal heart disease

3. Which of the following statements by a pregnant woman indicates she needs additional teaching on ways to reduce risks to her unborn child from the potential effects of exposure to toxoplasmosis?
A) “I will avoid rare lamb.”
B) “I will wear a mask when cleaning my cat’s litter box.”
C) “I understand that exposure to toxoplasmosis can cause blindness in the baby.”
D) “I will avoid rare beef.”

4. The ovarian cycle includes which of the following phases? Select all that apply.
A) Follicular phase
B) Secretory phase
C) Ovulatory phase
D) Luteal phase
E) Menstrual phase

5. The fetal circulatory structure that connects the pulmonary artery with the descending aorta is known as which of the following?
A) Ductus venosus
B) Foramen ovale
C) Ductus arteriosus
D) Internal iliac artery

6. A woman at 40 weeks gestation has a diagnosis of oligohydramnios. Which of the following statements related to oligohydramnios is correct?
A) It indicates that there is a 25% increase in amniotic fluid.
B) It indicates that there is a 25% reduction of amniotic fluid.
C) It indicates that there is a 50% increase in amniotic fluid.
D) It indicates that there is a 50% reduction of amniotic fluid.

7. A diagnostic test commonly used to assess problems of the fallopian tubes is:
A) Endometrial biopsy
B) Ovarian reserve testing
C) Hysterosalpingogram
D) Screening for sexually transmitted infections

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