Test Bank The Science and Art of Care Taylor by 7th Carol of Nursing Fundamentals R Nursing Edition


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nursing test banksrisk-free-icon-24407407images

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Sample Provided Below:


1. What phrase best describes health?
A) individually defined by each person
B) experienced by each person in exactly the same way
C) the opposite of illness
D) the absence of disease

2. Which of the following most accurately defines “illness”?
A) the inability to carry out normal activities of living
B) a pathologic change in mind or body structure or function
C) the response of a person to a disease
D) achieving maximum potential and quality of life

3. A patient makes a decision to quit smoking and joins a smoking cessation class. This is an example of which of Dunn’s processes that help a person know who and what he or she is?
A) being
B) belonging
C) becoming
D) befitting

4. Which of the following statements accurately describes the concepts of disease and illness?
A) A disease is traditionally diagnosed and treated by a nurse.
B) The focus of nurses is the person with an illness.
C) A person with an illness cannot be considered healthy.
D) Illness is a normal process that affects level of functioning.

5. A rapid onset of symptoms that last a relatively short time indicates what health problem?
A) a chronic illness
B) an acute illness
C) actual risk factor
D) potential for wellness

6. A nurse caring for patients with diabetes knows that the following is a characteristic of a chronic illness:
A) It is a temporary change.
B) It causes reversible alterations in A&P.
C) It requires special patient education for rehabilitation.
D) It requires a short period of care or support.

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